10 Ways to Achieve ISO 14001 Certification

Organizations in the UAE can obtain ISO 14001 certification by first consulting an authorised EMS consultancy firm to increase the sustainability of their operations, limit negative impacts on the environment, and comply with regulatory requirements. Besides acquiring an ISO 14001 certification, the organization also gains a fully designed EMS that will provide the organization with continuous strategic advantages and assist in improving company operations while expanding organizational performance and capabilities. The organization should seek out a proven ISO 14001 implementation process that is suited to the UAE’s business objectives, resulting in an efficient ISO 14001 implementation and certification. Below is the required approach for ISO 14001 certification in UAE:

1. After making consultations, the organization is provided with a project plan and proposal that includes consulting, training, implementation and certification.

2. Once the organization approves, a dedicated consultant is assigned to the organization as the acting project manager until the ISO 14001 certification is finalized.

3. Undertake a gap analysis to analyze the current effectiveness of the organization a determine whether the organization complies with the system requirements.

4. Various employees attain awareness training, i.e., knowledge of several clauses of the standard, requirements for implementation and the documentation as per the ISO 14001 standard.

5. Design documentation and finalize it with the workforce. The documentation includes manuals, standard procedures for operations, templates, forms, and checklists that comply with the ISO 14001 standard.

6. The workforce is provided with implementation assistance for ISO 14001 requirements using the prepared documentation. Also, employees get internal audit training.

7. If required, the organization can seek assistance from the consultant firm to perform the internal audit on their behalf.

8. Conduct a pre-assessment audit of the ISO 14001 certification, close the audit observations to make sure the organization is ready for auditing.

9. Based on the organization’s goals, the certification body is finalized.

10. To ensure the certification audit is completed, the organization can seek assistance. Thus, receiving a recommendation letter.

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