A Step-By-Step Guide to HACCP Certification

1.Begins with the documentation of HACCP procedures, product or raw material information, the identification of CCPs, and their monitoring for compliance with the HACCP food safety standards defined.

2. Make an appointment with an authorised HACCP consulting firm in the UAE to apply for HACCP certification.

3. A proposal and project plans for all phases of implementation, training, consultation, and certification are supplied.

4. After approval, the company is assigned a dedicated HACCP consultant who acts as a project manager until the HACCP certification is approved.

5. Conduct a gap analysis to ascertain your organization’s present status and compliance with HACCP standard criteria.

6. Prepare a plan, identify key risks and hazards associated with food processing, and conduct risk analysis and evaluation.

7. The organization should conduct awareness training for all workers regarding HACCP requirements and documentation.

8. Create and finalize documentation for HACCP standards, including manuals, standard operating procedures, forms, templates, and checklists.

9. Assist employees with implementation of all HACCP criteria as documented.

10. Internal auditors should be trained on HACCP.

11. Assist the workforce in conducting an internal HACCP audit or hire a professional to do the audit in their favour.

12. The staff is assisted in conducting an internal HACCP audit or a consultant is hired to conduct the audit on their behalf.

13. Conduct a HACCP pre-audit to assist in closing HACCP audit observations and ensuring the organization is prepared for the audit.

14. Complete with the HACCP certification body following the organization’s requirements, including the timeframe for the certification body’s HACCP audit.

15. Assisting with the audit guarantees that the HACCP certification audit is completed successfully and ensures the organization receives their recommendation letter from the certification body.

Finally, a HACCP certificate will be issued to the organization