Become ISO 45001 Certified in UAE

Organizations can obtain ISO 45001 certification through consulting with an approved OH&SMS consultancy firm in UAE. Helps businesses avoid workplace potential risks and hazards, strengthens emergency response, and prevents accidents. The key benefit for ISO 45001 certification involves the full development of the health safety management system which will boost the organization’s competitive advantage. The organization’s processes and operations improve, and the performance and capabilities of their operations are enhanced. Below is an effective approach to ISO 45001 certification in UAE:

1. Following engagement with the OH&SMS agency, a proposal and project plans are delivered, detailing all phases of installation, training, consultation, and certification.

2. After the organization approves, the company is assigned a dedicated ISO 45001 consultant who will function as a project manager until the ISO 45001 certification is obtained.

3. Gap analysis is used to determine the organization’s current state and where it stands with the ISO 45001 standard standards.

4. The organization provides awareness training to various personnel regarding ISO 45001 standards, the numerous clauses of the ISO 45001 standard, the ISO 45001 standard’s implementation requirements, and ISO 45001-related material.

5. The consultant firm and its employees design and finalize documentation for the ISO 45001 standard, including manuals, standard operating procedures, forms, templates, and checklists.

6. Employees are provided with implementation assistance to ensure that all requirements of the ISO 45001 standard are met, as well as the documentation created.

7. Conduct internal auditor training following ISO 45001.

8. The organization can hire a consultant to conduct an internal audit on its behalf.

9. A pre-assessment audit for ISO 45001 is undertaken to assist the company in closing audit observations and ensuring the organization is audit-ready to the letter.

10. Finalize with the ISO 45001 certification body of the organization’s choice and the date for the certification body’s ISO 45001 audit.

11. Assisting with the audit guarantees that the ISO 45001 certification audit is completed successfully and that the organization obtains a recommendation letter from the certification authority.

12. As a result, an ISO 45001 certification is obtained.


Get your ISO 45001 certification by contacting an approved OH&SMS consulting company in UAE at or by calling +971 505842597 to minimize workplace hazards & risks, improve emergency preparedness and reduce accidents/incidents.