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Sterling International Consulting FZE is the largest and best FSC certification consulting company in the UAE providing FSC consulting, FSC training, FSC implementation and FSC certification services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. As the most reputable and preferred FSC consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we provide the most practical FSC implementation and FSC certification services as a leading FSC consultant in UAE – United Arab Emirates. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council.

How to get FSC Certification In UAE

FSC Certification in UAE can be achieved by contacting an accredited certification body post Implementation of requirements of Chain of Custody, Inventory management, Invoicing management, warehouse/storage management and document control. Consulting services for FSC certification In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah can be achieved by contacting FSC Consultant at Info@uaeiso.com or calling +971 505842597


Know FSC Certification In Detail

FSC certification is meant for environmental, social and economic benefits of forests. This program makes sure that forest products are obtained from well managed forests. This certification shows that the owner or the manager is maintaining their forest with care and responsibility. This results in entry into newer markets and more customers for the products. FSC lays down certain principles and rules for better practices for managing the forests.


The type of forest available differs from one region to another. The regional and national standards collect the necessary information and transfer the principles and criteria to the respective FSC working body of that region. This FSC working group carries out the assessment of forests and then decides on certification. It examines if the forest owner or manager is operating and maintaining his forest responsibly and meeting the standards of FSC. Apart from getting the forest certified, the forest owner or manager can also get his forest products FSC certified. This requires one more chain of custody certification. This certification applies for forest products, manufacturers and also traders. In every stage of processing and transformation, the wood has to be FSC certified hence it is a chain of certification.


We have provided FSC certification consulting services in more than 50 countries around the world.


For any organization in UAE looking to achieve FSC certification, we are the preferred choice across industry verticals. Our FSC consulting services in the UAE and FSC certification in UAE are the fastest, simplest, most value adding and most cost effective.


We make sure that you not only achieve FSC certification, but you also get a fully developed FSC management system that will add a sustainable competitive advantage to your company and help improve your business processes and operations while enhancing your operational capabilities and performance.


With Sterling International Consulting FZE, you can be sure that you can get your FSC certification with ease and care. Our experts guide you throughout the process and help you get certified. So, call us today and make your products FSC certified for new customers all over the world.

FSC Certification In UAE- Here Are The Things That You Need To Know

The full form of FSC is Forest Stewardship Council. It is nothing but a non-profit organization that is responsible for setting certain standards for the forestry department. The goal of these standards is to make certain that forestry should be practiced in a manner, which is environmentally responsible. Besides, it should be socially beneficial as well.


If you can see a product FSC certified, you can make sure that the wood used in this product is compatible with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council. So, if you are about to launch a company in Forestry, you should come to our Sterling International Consultant. We will help you to clear all your doubts. So, let us comprehend everything that comes with FSC certification in UAE.

Benefits of FSC certification in Abu Dhabi

If your company is FSC certified, there are a lot of benefits that you will enjoy. To be precise, it will assist you to grow your company. Therefore, let us check the benefits that you are going to enjoy.

Environmental protection

The forest management standards ensure the protection of the old-grown forest as well as water quality. Apart from that, it plays a significant role in preventing the natural cover of the forest. Moreover, there will be no issues regarding hazardous chemicals.


Another thing that you will enjoy after FSC certification in Abu Dhabi is credibility. Well, FSC is an independent organization, which is divided into various sections. Those sections are the environmental section, the social section, as well as the economic section. The best part is, all of those sections enjoy the same authority. Also, anyone can be a part of FSC, if he or she is committed to forest management. Also, the credibility of your organization will also increase.

Market access

If you can dig out a bit, you will find out that there are a lot of companies that prefer FSC certified products. So, if your products are FSC certified, there is a possibility that you will be accepted by most of the companies. These days, consumers are becoming more sensitive to their products. And for that reason, many times they ask whether the product is FSC certified or not.

Community engagement

Forest managers are one of the requirements of FSC. They need it for both privates as well as public lands. It helps them to involve local people. Besides, it is also helpful for them when it comes to dealing with the rights of the indigenous people. In this way, they can raise the voices of those indigenous people and make them a part of the certification process. So, if the community engagement of your company increases, it will play a significant role in its success.

So, these are the benefits that you will enjoy if your company is FSC certified.

How to get the FSC certification in Dubai?

If you want to accomplish the FSC certification for your company, you have to follow certain steps. Following those steps will ensure the FSC certification for your company. So, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Get in touch with the certification body, which is FSC accredited. It will allow you to request quotes.
  • Now, you have to submit the application related to certification to the certification body. That certification body will be of your choice.
  • Make sure that the management system is in its place.
  • Conduct an on-site audit with the certification body of your preference.
  • It is the final step. Here, you will get the final certification from the body.

So, these are the things that you need to know about FSC certification in Dubai. In case, if you are still need more information about it, contact Sterling International Consultant. We assure you to clear all your doubts regarding FSC certification in UAE.