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Complying with the requirements of ISO 22001:2018 & HACCP standards becomes a lot easier when you leverage the right tools. HACCP certification for all the food businesses like restaurants, food manufacturing/processing companies is mandatory in Dubai. Managing HACCP manually is tiresome and demanding. Sterling’s Effivity Food Safety Management System (FSMS) & HACCP software is the ultimate tool that helps businesses organize and improve their food safety compliance. Go paperless with Effivity HACCP software.

FSMS/HACCP Software covers the following Modules:

Raw materials Characteristics
Products Characteristics
FSMS Process Documentation
PRP Master
PRP Monitoring
PRP Verification
FSMS/ HACCP Assessment
CCP/OPRP Monitoring
CCP/OPRP Verification
Product Recall Management
Internal Audit Management
Documentation Control Management
Non-Conformance Management
Why select Effivity FSMS/HACCP Software?

Why select Effivity FSMS/HACCP Software?

The Effivity Software is created by Sterling’s leading experts to provide industry-grade powerful user-friendly solutions to help businesses accentuate their ISO 22000:2018 and HACCP Standard compliance processes.

  • It’s easy to set up and requires minimum training to use.
  • Comes with custom features and functionalities that cater to your particular FSMS/HACCP requirements.
  • With Effivity, your employees will never miss an update and get notified instantly.
  • All necessary documentation and progress reports are stored digitally, consequently minimizing paperwork.
  • Audit-ready software for ISO 22000:2018 & HACCP Certification.
  • You get access to real-time data which allows you to make prompt decisions.
  • Makes reporting progress and important updates to the top management easy with one-click solution.

  • You can track all FSMS/HACCP operations using a mobile device.
  • Highly secure and equipped with the latest and advanced cybersecurity protocols.
  • Transcends language barriers and can be used in 7 different languages including, English, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Automatic periodic updates to enhance user experience.
  • Makes it easy to integrate with ERP solutions.

How to get FSMS/HACCP software in UAE?

Call our 24 hours customer care at +971 505842597 to speak to one of our FSMS/HACCP software experts or visit www.effivity.com to register for a free 30-days trial and see the FSMS/HACCP software in action. Effivity is the most popular FSMS/HACCP software in UAE. Visit www.effivity.com for a free trial subscription of the HACCP software in UAE.

How to get FSMS/HACCP software in UAE?