How to Become an Accredited ISO 17025 Laboratory

Accreditation to ISO 17025 in the UAE, can be accomplished by:

1. Contacting a credible consulting firm to execute technical and management needs such as risk assessment in the laboratory, assuring traceability and output reliability, and recording management requirements of the system.

2. A new proposal and project plan are created that detail the whole implementation process, including consulting, training, and certification.

3. After approval, a professional ISO 17025 auditor is assigned as the organization’s project manager until ISO 17025 accreditation is obtained.

4. Run a gap analysis to ascertain the organization’s present status and compliance with ISO 17025 standards.

5. Offer awareness training to relevant personnel within the organization regarding ISO 17025 standards, the relevant clauses of ISO 17025 standard, the standard’s implementation requirements, and documentation.

6. Calculate uncertainty of measurement (UOM), which requires additional training if necessary.

7. Validate particular methods implemented in the organization’s labs.

8. Engage in competence testing or conduct a comparison amongst laboratories.

9. The workforce develops and completes documentation for the ISO 17025 standard, including manuals, operating procedures, templates, forms, and checklists.

10. Assists in the implementation of the requirements for the ISO 17025 standard as documented.

11. Internal auditor education is provided to workers following ISO 17025.

12. The staff is aided in conducting ISO 17025 internal audit or the organization engages a consultant to conduct the audit on its behalf.

13. Conduct an ISO 17025 pre-assessment audit to help the management address ISO 17025 audit observations and prepare the staff for auditing.

14. Finally, the organization selects an ISO 17025 certification body based on their requirements and secures a date for the certification body’s ISO 17025 audit.

15. Assisting with the audit guarantees that the ISO 17025 certification audit is completed successfully and that the organization gets its recommendation letter from certifying bodies.

16. Eventually, the organization gets accredited to ISO 17025 by UKAS, DAC, SASO, or another accreditation authority.


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