ISO 14001: The Ultimate Guide For Environmental Audits

Certification of ISO 14001 structure has several times proved to be an efficient tool that boosts an organization’s credibility. Increasing credibility occurs when an organization provides its clients with products or services they need, thus meeting their expectations. Currently, for most organizations, ISO 14001 is a contract requirement, or either it is legal.

If the organization has a 2014 version of ISO 14001 certification, they are encouraged to upgrade to 2015. To update the environmental management systems, organizations will have a transition period of 3 years.

Organizations have been provided basic steps by Sterling International Consulting to follow; they include:

  • – First, review existing requirements for quality management systems.
  • – Second, achieve certification for ISO 14001:2015 through making a purchase.
  • – Finally, certified to ISO 14001 by first engaging in ISO 14001 certification training.

What is ISO certification 14001

Organizations should consider reducing environmental impacts affected by their operations and aim to achieve the stakeholders’ benefits and the associated financials. Sterling International Consulting has helped certify various organizations operating in different fields through the enormous wealth of gained experiences. Certifying the management systems of the accredited organizations has helped improve the consistency of the company delivering the stakeholders requirements and perhaps exceed the organizations goals. Sterling International Consulting is involved with several industries that helps them maintain a strict awareness concerning any change that occurs in the company. The ISO 14001 certification will help the industry ensure customers are aware of any strategy of change, protocols and requirements impacting the clients’ approach to the management system. The process of acquiring ISO certification is quite simple; Sterling International Consulting has laid out simple steps:

  • • Sterling International Consulting provides an application form to get to know the organization, requirements, and complexity. The provided information assists Sterling International Consulting in assessing the scope of the organizational assessment and later provides a certification proposal.
  • • The registrar books an assessment after the client accepts the certification proposal. Several requirements will be required at two stages, forming the initial certification audit. These requirements involve demonstrating the organization’s management system for the past three years and have undergone a full cycle internal audit and a strict management review.
  • • Certification is finally provided after two successive stages of auditing. First, the copy of the certification will ensure other organizations know that the certified company adheres to providing high-standard products or services. Second, after three years, the organization should undergo a recertification audit and yearly surveillance audits.

Requirements of ISO certification 14001

The ISO 14001 strictly follows the Plan Do Check Act procedure. Developing an environmental policy should be an organization’s first considered phase, and plan an Environmental Management system (EMS). Secondly, the EMS should be implemented by the organization, thirdly it is undergoing a review and checklist, and the last phase is maintaining a continuous EMS improvement. Several ISO 14001 elements are required to be met by organizations seeking to attain formal recognition for their Environmental Management Systems; they include:

  • • Construct an environmental policy that follows the organization’s commitments.
  • • Appoint an individual to coordinate the EMS.
  • • Identify the organization’s interaction with the environment.
  • • Identify potential or actual environmental impacts.
  • • Identify requirements for environmental compliance.
  • • Establish environmental programs, objectives, and targets.
  • • Monitor and measure the progress of achieving the objectives.
  • • Review the environmental performance of the system.
  • • Consistent improvement.

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