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ISO 21401– Tourism & Hospitality Management System

Home ISO 21401 Certification in UAE – Dubai & Abu Dhabi

ISO 21401 certification in UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi

If you are working in the tourism sector in the UAE, you should know about ISO 21401:2018. This ISO certification outlines social, environmental, economic requirements that will allow you to establish sustainability management in the tourism sector. This document spells the aspects that you can control with the help of an accommodation establishment. Besides, it will also showcase the influence that you can enhance. You can also acknowledge that ISO 21401:2018 certification in UAE is imperative if you are related to the tourism industry. Here we will have a conversation regarding this ISO certification so that it can help you in the future.

To get this ISO certification, there are certain steps that you have to follow. Here, we will take a look at those steps that will help you accomplish the certification.

  • Step 1- Enhance your management system

The first step is to identify the underlying processes of your business. Next, you have to document these processes, and you have to do it by involving your employees. After that, review and approve the document, and distribute it to your employees who need this piece of information.


  • Step 2- It is time to implement the system

Make sure that you are performing the procedures in the way they are mentioned in the documentation. Also, check whether your employees are trained well enough for the tasks that they are about to perform. You need to create an effective reporting system that will cover inspection, corrective actions, testing, and management meeting reviews. Apart from that, it should also cover statistical techniques as well as tracking of the objectives. Also, use measurable data to monitor the efficacy of the procedure. Finally, review and take actions accordingly.

  • Step 3 – You have to verify that your system is effective enough

One of the best ways to verify the efficiency of the system is by conducting an audit. It will allow you to review the processes and analyse the system for effectiveness and compliance. Observe and monitor sample records. It will help you to find out your management system’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you do that, it will be easier for you to take the corrective methods.


  • Step 4- Register your management system.

The final step of the process is selecting a suitable auditing body to provide you with external registration. You have to submit the documentation of your management system so that they can review it. It will help the auditing body to comprehend whether it is compatible with the standards or not. If they find it compatible, they will provide you with the certification.

What are the benefits of 21401:2018?

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of ISO 21401:2018 certification in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

  • It will minimize the negative social and environmental effects at the destination.
  • It will increase the community’s income and work.
  • This certification will also improve satisfaction as well as engagement.
  • It will enhance professional recognition and qualification.
  • Improvement of the local suppliers will take place.
  • Strengthening the local economy will happen.
  • The guests will become satisfied.
  • Tourist experience will improve.

What are the benefits of 21401:2018?

Now you already know about the fundamentals of ISO 21401:2018 certification and its benefits. In case you want to know more about this certification, you can contact Sterling International Consulting at +971 505842597 or email at info@uaeiso.com for ISO 21401:2018 certification in the United Arab Emirates – UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi.