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ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

Sterling International Consulting FZE is the largest and best ISO 22000 certification consulting company in the UAE providing ISO 22000 consulting, ISO 22000 training, ISO 22000 implementation and ISO 22000 certification services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. As the most reputable and preferred ISO 22000 consultants in Dubai and ISO 22000 in Abu Dhabi, we provide the most practical ISO 22000 implementation and ISO 22000 certification services available. We are the leading ISO 22000 consultant in UAE – United Arab Emirates.


We have provided ISO 22000 certification consulting services in more than 50 countries around the world.


For any organization in the UAE looking to achieve ISO 22000 certification, we are the preferred choice across industry verticals. Our ISO 22000 consulting and certification services ISO 22000in the UAE are the fastest, simplest, most value adding and most cost effective.

We make sure that you not only achieve ISO 22000 certification, but you also get a fully developed Food Safety management system that will add a sustainable competitive advantage to your company and help improve your business processes and operations while enhancing your operational capabilities and performance.


We also provide ISO 22000 FSMS software for companies In Dubai & Abu Dhabi to automate ISO 2200 FSMS Implementation, certification and maintenance.

How to get ISO 22000 certification in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi

ISO 22000 certification in UAE can be achievedby doing food safety risk assessment, implementing required PRPs, OPRPs and CCPs and doing regular food safety audits. You can further contact an approved FSMS consulting company in UAE at or calling +971 505842597 to improve food safety of services/products, process standardization, risk management & enhanced customer satisfaction.

What is the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System – FSMS?

ISO 22000:2018 is the recent international standard for Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) published by ISO. It specifies the requirement of an organization to be able to manage food safety by making certain that the food is safe for consumption.


ISO 22000 is applicable to all organizations involved in the food industry whether large or small, food producers, manufacturers, retailers, transporters or even storage facilities. It is also relevant to organizations which are involved in one or multiple steps of the food process. This standard provides a tool called HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) throughout the food chain. The ultimate target of ISO 22000 is:

Requirements of An Organization

  • To plan, implement, operate, maintain and update its existing management system for better safety or create a new system
  • To show statutory and regulatory food system methods
  • To assess every customer’s need and enhance your customer satisfaction

Benefits of ISO 22000

  • Makes organization more profitable because of organized system
  • Cost effective as it targets resources and reduce food wastages
  • Demonstrate management commitment
  • Proactive and not reactive
  • Promotes food safety culture
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Concentrates resources at critical points In the process
  • Reduces risk of food safety incidents

If you are involved in the food industry and looking for ISO 22000 certification for your organization, contact us and get all the benefits that are available.

How to get ISO 22000 certified in the UAE

We follow our worldwide proven ISO 22000 implementation methodology customized to UAE business requirements, resulting in an effective ISO 22000 implementation and result oriented ISO 22000 certification in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • Contact Sterling International Consulting FZE at with an application for ISO 22000 certification.
  • We will send you a proposal and project plan covering all phases of the implementation, training, consulting and certification.
  • Once you send us your approval, we assign a dedicated ISO 22000 consultant to your company who will act as a project manager till you receive ISO 22000 certification.
  • We conduct gap analysis to identify the current level of your organization and where you stand with respect to ISO 22000 standard requirements.
  • Prepare Hazard Control plan, carry out risk assessment and identify significant risks/hazards in food processing.
  • We provide awareness training to various employees in your organization on the ISO 22000 standard, various clauses of the ISO 22000 standard, implementation requirements of the ISO 22000 standard and documentation with respect to ISO 22000.
  • We work with your team to design and finalize documentation covering manuals, standard operating procedures, forms, templates, checklists, etc.with respect to ISO 22000 standard.
  • We provide implementation assistance to your team for implementation of all the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard and as per documentation prepared.
  • We provide internal auditor training to your team on ISO 22000
  • We assist your team in carrying out an ISO 22000 internal audit or if required, our consultant can perform an internal audit on your behalf.
  • We carry out an ISO 22000 preassessment audit and assist you to close the ISO 22000 audit observations to ensure your organization is 100% ready for the audit.
  • We finalize with the ISO 22000 certification body as per your preference and finalize the date for ISO 22000 audit from the certification body.
  • We provide any assistance during the audit to ensure successful completion of the ISO 22000 certification audit and that your organization receives a recommendation letter from the certification body.
  • Finally, your organization receives an ISO 22000 certificate.

What can Sterling International Consulting offer for ISO 22000 certification of your company in UAE?

As one of the pioneering ISO 22000 consulting companies in the UAE backed by solid global experience, Sterling International Consulting FZE offers a complete turnkey solution for your ISO 22000 certification requirements in the UAE. We provide comprehensive start to finish ISO 22000 training, consulting, implementation and certification services to get your UAE organization ISO 22000 certified. Any organization in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any other emirates in the UAE can contact us to get ISO 22000 certification in the most professional manner.


We also offer complimentary Food Safety Management System Software / FSMS software MyEasyISO to automate, simplify and augment your ISO 22000 Implementation, Certification and Maintenance activities to ensure you get the very best from FSMS certification and save time, money and resources.

ISO 22000- Food Safety Management System in the UAE

SO 22000 is also known as a food safety management system. The strength of this standardization is to lay out the requirements for organizations in the food chain. An organization has to meet these requirements to ensure the safety of the food. To be precise, if your company or organization is ISO 22000 certified, you are capable of providing assurance that the food will not harm the consumers during preparation and/or consumption according to its intended use.


Now, if you have any confusion regarding ISO 22000 certification in UAE, you can give us a visit. Our Sterling International Consultant will help you accomplish the certification without any issues. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, our consultants will be there for you. Hence, let us know more about ISO 22000 certification in UAE.

What are the mandatory processes of ISO 22000 certification in UAE?

If you want an ISO 22000 certification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are some mandatory processes that you have to follow. Without following those processes, you cannot accomplish the ISO 22000 certification in Abu Dhabi. Hence, let us acknowledge the procedures.

  • Food Safety management system planning
  • Planning and control of the operation
  • Prerequisite program (PRPs)
  • Hazard ControlDevelopment Procedure
  • The Procedure of hazard identification
  • Hazard Control plan (HACCP/OPRP Plan)
  • Monitoring and measuring devices control
  • Food safety audit and quality

  • Non-conforming products and process control
  • Emergency response and preparedness
  • Traceability
  • Product withdrawal
  • Quality records control
  • Corrective, correction, and preventive actions
  • Data and document control

Benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

If we don’t discuss the benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it will be considered as an incomplete discussion. Being one of the best ISO consulting services, it is our duty to convey to you the benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

If we don’t discuss the benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it will be considered as an incomplete discussion. Being one of the best ISO consulting services, it is our duty to convey to you the benefits of ISO 22000 certification in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Transparency and credibility

Now, credibility is something, which is pretty hard to find in the food industry. However, if your company is ISO 22000 certified, it will become more transparent and will also ensure the credibility of your company. To be specific, it is a very important thing for the growth and success of your organization or company.

Stakeholders will be confident.

ISO 22000 certification will ensure food safety. Hazard control is another thing that this standardization will ensure. For these reasons, the confidence of the stakeholders will go highonce you opt for the ISO 22000 certification in Dubai. 

The improvement of the business will be consistent.

System updation and continuous improvement of an organization is a significant thing. It ensures the regular growth of your organization. It makes the system more effective, a high-handed thing to accomplish the desired success.

So, these are benefits that you will enjoy if you make your company ISO 22000 certified.

Which companies need ISO 22000 certification?

This is an imperative standard for any company that is present in the food chain, directly or indirectly. Well, there are various parts of the food chain. All those parts need to go through the ISO 22000 certification. Here are the parts that you should know.

  • Growers
  • Transporters
  • Processors
  • Packagers

  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Bottlers

So, here are the fundamentals of ISO 22000. If you still have any queries regarding ISO 22000, you can visit us. Our team of Sterling International Consulting experts will do the needful by providing required guidance.