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ISO 41001– Facility Management System

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ISO 41001 Certification in UAE – Dubai & Abu Dhabi

UAE has built the most advanced infrastructure in the world in the last few decades. From world-class buildings and rocketing skyscrapers to grand public spaces/parks/mosques/transportation systems. Public and private facilities available in the UAE offer a strategic advantage to Dubai & Abu Dhabi. There are specialized facility management organizations that offer professional services to maximize the value from these expensive & expansive facilities and buildings. Facility management companies in UAE specializes in managing residential, commercial, industrial, and government properties.


Sterling International Consulting offers ISO 41001 certification services to facility management companies in the UAE with implementation, training, documentation and consulting support. With the experience of working with the best facilities companies in the world like Sodexo and JLL, getting ISO 41001 certification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is simple, easy, effective, professional and value-adding with Sterling. To get ISO 41001 certification in UAE, contact our facility management system certification experts at info@uaeiso.com


ISO 41001 is one of the latest certifications that ISO has published. It is the first Facility Management System. ISO 41001 offers a framework that is compatible with the Annex SL structure. It benefits the organizations to implement, cultivate, as well as maintain an efficient and globally accepted facility management system. The purpose of this ISO certification is to help the facilities and procurement team by offering them a benchmark to fathom the efficiency and competency of the management system.


To be specific, the facility management system will help you integrate locations, people, procedures, and processes. It enhances the quality of the life of the stakeholders.  All Facility Management organizations in the UAE can achieve sustainable competitive advantage by achieving ISO 41001:2018 certification. ISO 41001 certification for FM companies in UAE will enable them to win new contracts, acquire bigger projects and improve customer satisfaction through enhanced contract execution.

How to achieve ISO 41001:2018 certification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

To achieve this certification, you have to follow specific procedures. The steps that you have to follow are:

  • Step 1

The first step is to complete a quote request form of the organization you choose for your certification. It will help the organization to understand your company as well as your requirements. You can fill up both the online form as well as the manual form. The certifying organization will go through your forms and use your information precisely to analyze your assessment scope. Besides, they will also give you the proposal that you need for certification.

  • Step 2

Once you agree with the proposal of the organization, they will get in touch with you to appoint your assessor. An NQA (National Quality Assurance) assessor will take responsibility for the assessment. This assessment encompasses two mandatory visits, which will ensure the initial certification audit. Ensure that you are capable of demonstrating that your management system is working efficiently for at least three months. Also, you have to show that your FMS is about to go through a management review as well as an internal audit’s full cycle.

  • Step 3

Once you come across the first two steps, the organization will make the certification decision. If the decision is positive, the NQA will issue the certification required for that specific ISO standard. They will provide you with a hard copy as well as the soft copy of the certification. Also, the certification will be valid for three years. You have to maintain it by conducting an annual surveillance audit. Also, every three years, you have to do surveillance audits to get the recertification.

What are the benefits of ISO 41001:2018 in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

Once your company achieves this ISO certification, your organization will unlock many different benefits. Here, we will discuss those benefits, so that you don’t hesitate to opt for ISO 41001:2018 certification. So, here are the benefits that we are talking about:

  • It will improve the cost-efficiency of your organization.
  • This certification will enhance the health, well-being, as well as the safety of the employees.
  • This will provide your organization with a common structure to Annex SL.
  • It will improve the consistency of the service.
  • The strategic operations will also get a boost.
  • It will help you to strengthen your spot in the crowd of competitors.
  • There will be customer satisfaction, as well.

What are the benefits of ISO 41001:2018 in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

To learn more about ISO 41001:2018  certification, you can contact Sterling International Consulting at +971 505842597 or email at info@uaeiso.com for ISO 41001:2018 certification in the United Arab Emirates – UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


How To Implement ISO 41001 Facility Management System

In today’s organisational world, managing facilities is a major requirement for every organisation. The quality of an organization’s performance depends on the quality of the facility management. An ISO 41001 Facility Management System specifically defines systems, processes and evaluation criteria for handling the success or failure of an organisation’s FM services.


What is ISO 41001?

The ISO 41001 Facility Management Standard is the first international guidebook for managing external contracts. This comprehensive guide to outsourcing will give buyers insight into contracts before entering them so they can better manage risks. The ISO 41001 Standard is a free-to-use management system that aims to help the organization in its quest to be more usable and sustainable. Organizations from all sectors can implement this framework which consists of 31 modules. The ISO 41001 Standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization, using input from both national and international standardization experts. ISO 41001 is a guideline that enables organizations to offer a service that ensures customer satisfaction. It is for the implementation and compliance of ISO 9001:2015, which is required for services and products throughout Europe and key sectors in other countries worldwide.


Benefits of ISO 41001

ISO 41001 is a worldwide standard and certification of an ISO registered facility management system. It is intended to help businesses create the necessary bridges to improve the performance of their company and provide people with greater job satisfaction. This is achieved by ensuring that employers apply eight essential processes of certification validation, such as employee participation which increases employee buy-in and commitment. It can be difficult to maintain ISO 41001, but the benefits of meeting this standard outweigh the disadvantages. Organizations that implement ISO 41001 reporting and management systems will realize improvements in their workforce practices effectiveness. Further benefits include improved customer satisfaction levels and reductions in their carbon footprint.


How to Implement ISO 41001?

First, the team will need to make a checklist to map out all their ISO 41001 actions and be able to hold themselves accountable. Secondly, they would need to set up a detailed project plan managed with an experience FM manager and coordinate and plan the effort and involvement of the people in the company. Finally, they must include management in all meetings that were impacted by this system will be discussed.


Who should implement ISO 41001?

The implementation is not just an internal task as people who come into contact with the premises such as suppliers, sub-contractors and visitors need to comply as well.

Employees need to be trained on how they can achieve this standard for all aspects of their business and how it manages the premises, individuals and company/client property. ISO 41001 is not a set of documentation, ISO 41001 refers to the process of creating a facility management system that is compliant with said standard. The company will need to hire an ISO 41001 consultant like Sterling for this process and it will take anywhere from 3-8 months before completion. ISO 41001 is a management system for buildings, with the intent of promoting cost savings and operational efficiency in the field. Any facility management company operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can get ISO 41001 certification by contacting ISO 41001 experts in UAE at info@uaeiso.com


All in all, ISO 41001 is a great system that comes with a variety of benefits for both facility managers and building owners. The standard offers an innovative way of managing buildings, which provides real-time data on performance and effectiveness. If you want to meet the standards set by this standard, it’s imperative that you get in touch with Sterling International Consulting that specializes in ISO 41001 certification in the UAE.