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ISO 55001 – Asset Management System in UAE

Sterling International works closely with its clients to simplify the hassles and hardships that revolve around the asset management system accreditation. For years, we have been serving companies in the UAE, coaching and guiding them to reach the certification standard. We have a pool of expert, experienced, and qualified consultants who collaborate with you in accomplishing the certification project. Our involvement in the project axes the complications and intricacies that usually arise in its path. We are rated the number one consultant for ISO certification in the UAE. We welcome businesses in the UAE to avail our services for the ISO 55001 Certification in UAE.

What is the objective of the ISO 55001 Certification in UAE?

The ISO 55001 Certification in UAE is a certification standard that applies to asset management practices and approaches. The accreditation guideline sets specific parameters pertaining to the management of assets in a manner to accomplish the business objectives. The key focus of this accreditation is on identifying and managing the risks and threats related to business assets. Here are the vital points in that regard:

  • Policies related to the management of business assets and resources
  • Asset Management Objectives
  • Strategies related to asset management
  • Asset Management Plans

What is the benefit of ISO 55001 Certification in UAE?

The ISO 55001 Certification in Abu Dhabi offers a plethora of benefits to any business. Some of them are:

  • The certification guideline prepares a comprehensive policy for identifying the critical business assets.
  • The accreditation guides an organization to prepare a plan to utilize the business assets in a manner that will complement its business growth.
  • The ISO 55001 Certification in Abu Dhabi policies Identifies the most severe threats on the significant business assets and resources.
  • Consequently, it develops capacity in an organization to handle these threats in the best possible manner.

How to get the ISO 55001 Certification in Dubai?

Sterling International Consultants offers complete guidance and assistance to its clientele companies to attain the ISO 55001 Certification in Dubai. The step starts with a client applying for the certification. Upon receipt of your application, we send a proposal that includes comprehensive guidelines and a process map to prepare for the accreditation project. Once we get the clients’ consent, we start implementing the project policy, under the aegis of a dedicated Project Manager who keeps working with the client until it gets the certification.

What all Documents are needed for the ISO 55001 Certification in Dubai?

Following are the key documents that a company needs to maintain for the ISO 55001 Certification in Dubai:

  • Asset Management overview, Terminologies, and Principals
  • Guidelines that identify the Management System Requirements
  • Asset Management policies and objectives
  • Methodology to identify key risks to the crucial business assets
  • Strategy to combat asset management risks
  • Disaster management and recovery plans
  • Training Records

Sterling International helps its clients to prepare all the key documents for this accreditation.

What can Sterling International offer for the ISO 55001 Certification in UAE?

We utilize all our experience and abilities to help our clients to get the accreditation within the minimum time. Our company collaborates with our clients for the entire span from planning, implementing, and executing the accreditation guideline across the organization. We assist our customers to recognize the key challenges revolving around the certification projects, and consequently, we offer a comprehensive solution to these issues. Our purpose is to guide our clients through the certification process so that it usually arises in the path of the ISO Certification.