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ISO Certification For The Food Industry in UAE

For those who have started a business in the food sector should think about getting a certification. With the help of these certificates, you can make the company more profitable. The food industry consists of a large number of workers. Various different businesses and consumers interact with the food industry. The sector should pay close attention to its product as it has the potential to cause health hazards. With the help of these certificates, the consumers can trust the industry. We can provide the customers with the required ISO certificates and also have various teams for ISO consultants.

ISO 9001 certification for the food companies in the UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi

With the help of ISO 9001 certification for the food industry in the UAE you can improve all the procedure inside the company. Associations utilize the standard to show the capacity to reliably give items and services that meet client and administrative prerequisites. Due to risk-based control management and standardization from the quality management system, ISO 9001 is essential for the food industry.

ISO 14001: managing the environment

Every industry needs to take care and maintain the environmental management system. Although in the beginning most of the food companies did not opt for ISO 14001 but nowadays the majority of the food company has their ISO 14001 certificate. The manufacturing, producing and transportation for the food industry can cause environmental damage. Hence if you want to prove your food business takes necessary steps to prevent ecological damage and is eco-friendly then get the ISO 14001 certificate for the food industry in the UAE.


With the help of ISO certification that acts as a permit to help avoid pollution from the food industry. ISO 14001 aims to provide a strategic approach for the organization’s environmental policy, plans and actions. One of its achievements is the establishment of a common reference for organizations to communicate about environmental management.

Health and safety of the employees in the Food industry

The employees in the food business need to work safely for you. ISO 45001 for the food industry in the UAE is the best standard for the safety and health of the employees. Try and engage the employees to be a part of the training for ISO 45001 certification. With the help of ISO 45001, the food industry can get the desired result from the OH&S management system. To stay up to date about the OH&S policy, our consultants will help you. With the help of our professionals, it becomes easier to maintain the OH&S management system.


ISO 22000: Food Safety Management in Dubai Abu Dhabi

Having unsafe food can cause a lot of problem for both humans and animals. The food safety management standards of ISO helps the food industry to identify and control the food safety hazards and also working with other ISO standards such as ISO 9001. If you have the ISO 22000 then it provides an extra layer of reassurance for the global food supply chain, which helps food products cross borders and bring foods that consumers can trust.

HACCP certification for the food industry in UAE

With the help of HACCP, certification customers can see your commitment to trading and producing safe food. The HACCP certification is an international standard that talks about the requirement for control of food safety. With the HACCP audits done by our consultants, you can look at the hazards that affect food hygiene and safety. Showing a genuine pledge to sanitation through HACCP consistence can likewise change your image and go about as a successful passage to advertise tool, opening up new business prospects around the globe.


Opt for our ISO consultants to get your ISO certificates for the food industry in the UAE. Our service spreads across an array of fields starting from implementation to the auditor training. You can easily get the business certified with the help of our professional consultants. With the help of these certificates for the food industry in the UAE, you can maintain the employee’s health, keep the environment safe and maintain the quality of your service.