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ISO Certification For Government Sector In UAE

Do you work in the government sector in the UAE? Then you need to get your department ISO certified, as it increases the standards and values of your department. ISO certification for businesses makes sure that International standards are followed while the delivery of services and products by the organizations. The government sector also needs to follow certain ISO standards. This is to ensure that it fulfils the needs of the public satisfactorily. Our company provides all the latest ISO certifications in the UAE, with the help of our well-trained consultants, for you to enjoy all the perks that come with the certification!

ISO 9001 certification for government sector requires the delivery of superior quality services. It specifies strict requirements of a quality management system (QMS). ISO 9001 is applicable to all organizations, regardless of the sector or industry. Achieving an ISO 9001 denotes the following:

  • The concerned organization delivers services following the guidelines provided by the ISO 9001 standard.
  • It is able to fulfill its own needs
  • It Keeps appropriate records, that is, documentation.
  • It meets all of the regulatory requirements.
  • It is able to satisfy customers and fulfil their requirements.

Benefits of getting ISO 9001 certification for your organization:

  • The organization becomes highly trustable by the customers, following the certification.
  • The employees of the organization are satisfied.
  • A Quality Management system (QMS) is set up.
  • Sometimes, in this process, the company also saves a lot of money.
  • The organization emerges as a highly respectable one.

your governmental organization certified for maintaining environment-friendly conduct with the ISO certification for the government sector in the UAE. ISO 14001 standard is an international standard which demands that the company assimilates an Environmental Management System (EMS). This standard ensures that during the manufacturing or processing of products and services, no negative environmental impacts are produced. That is, it sets up a framework which the organizations should follow consistently to set up their own Environmental Management System (EMS). The standard highlights the measures that an organization has to take in order to improve their environmental performance.

ISO 14001: managing the environment

Every industry needs to take care and maintain the environmental management system. Although in the beginning most of the food companies did not opt for ISO 14001 but nowadays the majority of the food company has their ISO 14001 certificate. The manufacturing, producing and transportation for the food industry can cause environmental damage. Hence if you want to prove your food business takes necessary steps to prevent ecological damage and is eco-friendly then get the ISO 14001 certificate for the food industry in the UAE. With the help of ISO certification that acts as a permit to help avoid pollution from the food industry. ISO 14001 aims to provide a strategic approach for the organization’s environmental policy, plans and actions. One of its achievements is the establishment of a common reference for organizations to communicate about environmental management.

System (EMS). The standard highlights the measures that an organization has to take in order to improve their environmental performance.

ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety (OH & S) for the government sector

This international standard ensures that the organizations in the UAE and worldwide prevent injury and ill-health of their employees and staffs. This also empowers the organization with longevity. It requires them to fulfil the safety standards and take into consideration the physical and mental health of their staffs. It is quite recent and was published in March 2018. Our professionals will provide you with the best guidance to maintain your own OH & S. To start establishing your own OH & S, you may apply for ISO 45001 for the government sector.

ISO 27001 For Data Protection In The Government Sector

There is not a single business that does not store its databases in computers. The database also contains private information of employees and the company. The customers and employees thus need to be assured that their data is all safe and protected in the hands of your organization. ISO 27001 certification will surely convince them of this. Our company has all the expertise needed to provide your governmental organization with this certification.

ISO 37001 certifications for anti-bribery in the government sector

It is basically a new international standard that helps organizations to set up anti-bribery management systems. It recommends the implementation of certain regulations so as to prevent any bribery and also to detect and address any existing bribery. It is a very flexible standard that a variety of organizations can adopt to address different kinds of briberies.

ISO 37210 certification for sustainable development of communities as well as governments

Indicators of city services and life. It is also a relatively new international standard that favors the progression of cities into smart cities. It defines various aspects in which a city should stand out for sustainable development.

All these latest ISO certifications are granted by our expert consultants. These certifications will help the government-run in a smooth way and shall also take due care of the needs of the public.