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What All ISO Accreditations Will Make Your Hospitality Business The First Choice For The Customers?

Are you are Hotel or Ressort owner in the UAE, aspiring how to get the footfall of more guests on your premises? You are ready to do anything that you feel might help you in accomplishing your plan. For instance, you try the best design and décor, put your best to upgrade the facilities and service standard. However, these measures may not suffice the purpose. So, what can you do to make your brand all the more reliable and trustworthy? Well, go for achieving the ISO Certifications that establish that you have the adequate framework and management functions to offer the best in class services. 

You appear all the more reliable after you get the ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 sets up a specific standard for quality management, and an accredited organization emphasizes customer satisfaction. The latest version of this certification is ISO 9001:2015. The preparation for this certification will develop a robust and comprehensive framework to deliver services that will produce optimum customer gratification.


As such, an ISO 9001 Certified Hotel or a Resort in the UAE – Duabi or Abu Dhabi will always get preference. It is a global standard that prepares your organization to handle the worldwide customers.

Display your concern for the environment with the ISO 14001 Accreditation

It is a protocol that focuses on the environmental Management system. A guest will always prefer a hotel or an Eco-Friendly resort. Green Tourism is the call of the day.

  1. The certification fetches the capacity in your organization to operate in a manner that is beneficial to the environment.
  2. It helps you in reducing the unproductive expenses through better waste recycling and management. Most importantly, you gain the reputation that you are a business concerned about the collective benefit of humanity by restoring the environment.

An ISO 14001 accredited Hospitality Service Provider always enjoys the faith and confidence of tourists worldwide.

Make your hotel and Resort healthier for your employees and guests with the ISO 45001 Certification

It is a global standard that focuses on Occupation Health and Safety. The objective is to make the place of business healthier for the employees and the guests. So, when you earn this certification, your proposed guests will feel positive about accommodating in your premises.

  • You can expect a drastic rise in the count off footfall to your hotel and resort after achieving it.
  • Most importantly, it prepares the safest working conditions for your workforce and eliminates occupational health hazards.Consequently, it boosts the engagement of your employees with your organization.
  • As you reduce these hazards, you can downsize the expenses in paying workplace injuries and occupational health hazards.

Thus, you get back the best value in return for the money you invest in achieving the ISO 45001 accreditation. 


Project your brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction through the ISO 10001 Certification

As Hospitality is a People-driven and people-centric business, the extent of customer satisfaction at your premise certainly matters. How would you ensure your prospective customers that you care for them? Well, the best way to do that is to get the ISO 10001 Certification. It is a worldwide standard, focusing on customer satisfaction. The accreditation guideline directs a Hospitality business across the right approach to ensure the complete gratification of their customers.

Ensure food safety at your premises with the HACCP Certification

HACCP is a globally accepted standard that establishes a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating, and controlling food safety and hazards. It is a crucial certification for a Hospitality business. It implies that such companies are committed to serving high quality and hygienic foods to their guests. It is a 7-stage evaluation process that aims to develop a robust framework for sourcing quality ingredients and to process the ingredients most safely and hygienically. a Hospitality business with this accreditation convinces the prospective customers that they will never stand any food safety hazards at its premises.