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Why A Medical Service Provider in UAE Should Consider Getting Various ISO Standards?

What attracts patients to a Medical Service provider? Please do not assume that it is a well-decorated facility or elegantly furnished office that makes you more reliable. Instead, it is an overall approach and orientation of a medical clinic and hospital that builds trust and confidence worthy. The best way to highlight your competence in this regard is to achieve the ISO certifications. As you prepare for the accreditation audit, you will go about developing the right system and practices that will enable you to deliver excellent healthcare services. 

Why is it so crucial that a Hospital/Medical Clinic in UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi attains the ISO 9001 Certification?

To drive more patients to avail of medical care from your organization, you need to prove your worthiness to deliver the best in class services. The ISO 9001 Accreditation certifies that you have achieved the desired standard. You can provide useful and safe medical services, fetching your patients the best value in return for your money. The certification standard lays down the guidelines to achieve excellent quality management approaches and practices, eventually segregating your business from your competitors. 

Why should a Hospital or a Medical Clinic in United Arab Emirates consider getting the ISO 14001 Accreditation?

The ISO 14001 Certification indicates that an organization has achieved the desired standards for handling environmental issues. The certification guideline emphasizes developing a comprehensive framework to reduce environmental pollution due to the business process. Bio-wastes from Clinical and medical establishments is one of the significant ecological contaminants. These providers need to work upon the possible points that will enable them to operate without escalating the environmental pollution level. 


As your organization starts preparing for this certification, it gets a guide to function in a manner that will enable them to handle waste recycling and management in the best possible way. 


Consequently, an ISO 14001 Accredited Hospital or a Medical Clinic earns more faith and confidence of its customers, and people at large, on the whole. It is one point that you will find in common between the best healthcare service providers. The certification makes you more reliable to customers from all around the globe. 

ISO 45001 convinces the mass about a Health Care provider’s commitment to nullify occupational health hazards

Your employees will never feel confident about working for your company unless you care for them. Medical Workers stand vulnerable to catch various workplace injuries and health hazards. Even your patients are not entirely safe from these threats. The ISO 45001 Certification guidelines will direct you about minimizing these threats and risks. As a result, you appear more reliable to your workers and customers. Most importantly, as you nullify the chances of occupational health hazards and risks, you require lesser compensations and fines. It downsizes the unproductive expenses on these heads, eventually optimizing your profits. 

Show your customers your worthiness to match their satisfaction through the ISO 10001 Accreditation

Superlative customer satisfaction is the key objective of this certification. ISO 10001 is a globally accepted guideline for adopting the best practices and approaches that leads to optimum customer gratification. Once you get this certification, you convince your customers that you can handle their needs in the best possible manner, and offer the most relevant solutions.


An ISO 10001 Certified hospital or a Clinic operates in a way that safeguards its customers’ rights and offers them the most beautiful experience. Consequently, such a provider consolidates its engagement with the patients. 

Take your Medical device manufacturing business in UAEto the international level with the ISO 13485 Credential

The ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturers specific the standards and quality management tactics to produce global grade products and services. Getting this accreditation, it will enjoy an edge over your competitors while tendering for a project. It establishes the fact that you emphasize on quality management, and operate with transparency and clarity. Manufacturers of Medical Devices can get to the global market after achieving this certification.