ISO Certification: What is it and how can it help your business?

The article discusses the benefits of ISO certification for the business. It states that it is important to get your company certified because it shows customers that your company is committed to quality and compliance with best practices.

Sterling International Consulting offers a variety of ISO services. One of the services offered is ISO Certification, which involves certifying management systems, services, manufacturing processes, and documentation procedures have every requirement for quality assurance and standardization of the systems used by organizations. ISO certification is applicable in several industrial fields like construction, manufacturing, transportation, food processing, retail, hospitality, banks, services etc. ISO standards are put in place to ensure organizations retain their consistency in providing quality services or products. The ISO certification has different criteria and standards that are numerically classified.

Benefits of ISO Certification

  • ISO Certification is vital for organizations and companies depending on the benefits provided by the organizations. Below are several benefits:
  • The organization’s recognition and credibility boost the productivity and brand value of the company.
  • ISO helps organizations to develop business processes, which increases product quality. The increase in quality products boosts customer satisfaction, thus increasing the sale of the products.
  • ISO Certified organizations can increase their revenue since they have high-quality products that customers can purchase at high rates.
  • Through training offered by the organization and procedures to get knowledge of certain processes, employees develop and improve, to meet the certification requirements.
  • Consistent upgrade of the organization’s procedures and standards based on the current world situation.
  • Ability to meet client needs. Clients prefer doing business with a company that adheres to ISO standards, and they are loyal to such vendors. It’s a win-win situation for organizations that have ISO certifications. It is possible to embrace quality through continuous improvement when a company has ISO certification.

List of popular ISO standards

  • Quality Management System
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Food Safety Management Systems
  • Inspection Body Accreditation
  • Information Security Management Systems
  • Information Technology Service Management Systems
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • Product Certification like CE, FSC
  • Certification of Persons as per ISO 17024
  • Test and Calibration laboratory accreditation
  • Medical Devices Quality Management Systems

List of ISO Certification Bodies

There are various certification bodies operating across the world that offer audits, assessments and certifications against various ISO Standards. Unfortunately, many organizations get duped and cheated by the fly-by-night kind of certification bodies offering un-accredited ISO certificates or offering ISO certificates with a fake accreditation body or the one issued by the so-called certificate mill that issues ISO certificates without the due process of audit, proper assessment and in violation of audit standards.

Sterling International Consulting, being at the forefront of business excellence, recommend our clients choose their certification body very carefully. Do not get allured by super low cost, no-audit/easy-audit promise, 3-year cost with no surveillance audit or free surveillance audit fees etc. – these are all traps and will result in a big risk to your business, your contracts and your reputation.

We recommend one of the below certification bodies that are known to provide excellent ISO certification audits and value addition through a comprehensive assessment of your management system.

    • DNV
    • BV – Bureau Veritas
    • TUV
    • BSI – British Standards Institution
    • URS
    • SGS
    • Intertek
    • BSCIC
    • UL
    • DQS
    • LMS
    • BQSR
    • SNR
    • DAS
    • AFNOR
    • Perry Johnson
    • Lloyds
    • NQA
Note: We do not claim any association with the above-mentioned certification bodies. The names are produced here to enable organizations to make informed decisions. Copyrights, trademarks and intellectual rights of the above names remain with respective companies and we don’t claim them. The list above is just for information purposes only. We are an ISO consulting company and we help our clients implement various ISO standards and get certified from any of the above mentioned or other ISO management system certification bodies.

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